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THoM Product # 40013 - Queen Anne Candle Stand

Queen Anne Candle Stand

Catalog Description: Candle stands, such as the original of this stunning miniature, were used throughout colonial households. 3"h x 1"sq.

Circa: 1725-1760

Style: Queen Anne

Period: Colonial

Design © 1976

1994 Retail: $3.95

Built Item ID: 55013

Craftmark ID: 967

Craftmark Built ID: 0

Built Item Retail: $0.00

Queen Anne, second daughter of James II, ruled England from 1702 until 1714. The furniture style that bears her name, however, covers a period of forty years. The Queen Anne style, developed during this age of flourishing craftsmanship, brought American furniture of greater lightness and grace and a new concept of comfort. Convenience was added by many small tables with turnover hinged tops for tea, games and other purposes. Furniture was less massive than that made in previous centuries. In America, the furniture was made in a Queen Anne style from about 1725-1760. The American versions were smaller scale than older styles but more substantial than their English counterparts. Veneer was less used here. The fashionable wood was walnut, followed by the native hardwoods, maple and cherry, and then mahogany, which became most important after 1720. There is a distinction between "candle tables" and "candle stands" as stands were for the specific use to handle the only source of light for the room that being candles. Kerosene was not available until the mid 1800's and thus many candle stands were found throughout homes of this period. When you walked through the home after dark, you would carry a candle and set it on one of these stands which were usually over three feet tall Found in all rooms usually next to chairs, sofas, beds, dry sinks and working areas.

Catalog image of Queen Anne Candle Stand
Finished kit of Queen Anne Candle Stand

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