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THoM Product # 40017 - Chippendale Desk

Chippendale Desk

Catalog Description: A handsome example of a "blockfront" desk accented with solid brass fittings. Similar to 40042, but without pidgeon holes. Circa 1750-1790. 3 1/4"h x 3 3/4"w x 1 7/8"d.

Circa: 1750-1790

Style: Chippendale

Period: Colonial

Design © 1976

1994 Retail: $0.00

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Built Item Retail: $0.00

In its broader sense, the word desk may apply to any article of furniture which is intended for writing purposes, but is frequently applied to a chest of drawers with a writing surface. A slant lid desk, with a cabinet above, containing pigeonholes and drawers for papers, is called a secretary. Since the homes of this period had no safes, chests and desks were made so that each drawer had a lock with a key plate of design similar to that of the draw pulls. The cabinet above may have doors and be closed as it may have been originally intended for china. The cabinet may be open on top more resembling a book case. A peculiarity of many antique desks with slanting lids, is that the lid when open for writing is too high for the convenience of one sitting on a modern or antique chair of average height. Desks with slanting lids passed out of style in our country about 1800 to 1810. Slanting lid desks in the Chippendale style, although they are the same general form, differ mainly in the kinds of feet, handles and in the design and the arrangement of the interior of the writing portion. The cabinet makers seem to have been very ingenious in designing these interiors in such a variety of forms including locating of secret drawers. The most important and valuable American desk is the "block-front" in the Chippendale style. The wood in the finer Chippendale style desk is almost always either mahogany or walnut.

Catalog image of Chippendale Desk
Finished kit of Chippendale Desk

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