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THoM Product # 40048 - Chippendale Breakfront

Chippendale Breakfront

Catalog Description: The c.1760 original of this intricate miniature was designed by master cabinetmaker Thomas Chippendale. Perfect for displaying miniature treasures. 7 1/8"h x 6 1/2"w x 1 7/8"d.

Circa: 1760

Style: Chippendale

Period: Colonial

Design © 1979

1994 Retail: $28.95

Built Item ID: 0

Craftmark ID: 950

Craftmark Built ID: 0

Built Item Retail: $0.00

Breakfronts such as the one that ours was scaled from were massive and dominated the room in which they were placed. This example of 18th century cabinet-making was made for an English manor house and eventually found a home in a collection in Rhode Island. The massiveness of a piece like this was further accentuated by the wood paneled doors of its base and the treatment of its pediment and entablature. The broad expanse of glass in the upper doors toned down the interior of the upper cupboard covered with pongee which further lightened its appearance. Many versions of the breakfront were crafted both in England and in America in all types of woods. This particular piece was constructed in mahogany. Most of these pieces were constructed in twp pieces, upper and lower cabinets, and many had a removable cornice pediment. This was necessary due to their weight and also to allow them to fit through the doorways. The upper portion was used to display fine pieces of china and statuary while the lower portion provided space for storage of the table settings.

Catalog image of Chippendale Breakfront
Finished kit of Chippendale Breakfront

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