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"This Miniature Reproduction is one of the many Authentic pieces of finely crafted furniture and accessories of our American Heritage which have been created for your enjoyment in the X-ACTO® House of Miniatures Collectors Series."

The words above appeared on the cover of every mail order kit produced by X-ACTO beginning in 1976. Their full page ads in miniatures magazines enticed us to join the exclusive club of The House of Miniatures members who would receive about one kit per month from this well designed series. Over the years you could also purchase finishing kits, a room box, hardware and other mini accessories, but the historically correct furniture was always the real draw.

Chippendale, Hepplewhite, Queen Anne, Duncan Phyfe; these were names that conjured up images of the finest antiques and exquisite craftsmanship. It was no mistake that these designs were chosen for reproduction by X-ACTO, since they guaranteed association with our American heritage, a popular theme in the wake of our bicentenial celebration.

On these pages I will attempt to chronicle the history of the brand through its various owners; CBS, Hunt Mfg, Craftmark, and Houseworks Ltd. I've also amassed a library of ads & catalogs published for HoM. Another feature is a complete catalog of the products that were offered over the years, with photos and links to PDF scans of the instruction sheets, where available. I'm also trying to do a blog of tips for builders of the kits where I share ideas and techniques for making your creations the best they can be. So, of course, once we build we like to show off, right? That's why I've also added a Gallery for your images as well as my own. Enjoy!

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